Teacher Recruitment

Finding the right teacher for the right school

Icon Teacher Recruitment will assist in screening and recruiting teachers for your program.   The teacher will work for the school directly but Icon Teacher Recruitment will continue to review teacher applicants to fill the teaching position throughout the academic school year if the teacher leaves for any reason.

Our recruitment process starts with understanding the school needs for each teaching position, then finding the right teacher for that position. Once a teacher has been interviewed, screened and qualified by Icon Teacher Recruitment, we will provide an applicant profile to the school with all the necessary documentation and an introduction video so the school can decide if that teacher is right for them. 

Teacher Replacement Guarantee - We'll replace the teacher for for any reason during the school year!
Detailed Recruitment Service to Support the School and Teacher

We will find your teachers, screen them, prepare them for teaching, and deliver them to your school ready to teach.  And once we find your teacher, we don’t stop there.  We are always available for mentoring or assistance with teacher development.  We can conduct teacher observations and provide professional development training throughout the year.  We are even available to help with Parents’ Meetings to explain processes and programs to the parents.   

The final stage of recruitment support is to have the teacher sign the school’s teacher contract and then provide on-boarding training to that teacher.   We will ensure the teacher has a basic understanding of the school culture, teaching schedule, and subjects to be taught as well as any resources to be used.  Finally, Icon Teacher Recruitment will deliver the teacher, along with a teacher portfolio, to the school for introductions and to start teaching.

But the support doesn’t stop there…

Icon Group (Thailand)

Icon Teach is a member of Icon Group (Thailand).

Icon Group (Thailand).  Based in Ayutthaya, Thailand and founded in 2009, Icon Group focuses on value-added solutions for K-12 teaching resources, teacher recruitment, and teacher training in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

We transform the future by providing technology driven, focused learning solutions to empower individuals in the global community.

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